Mittwoch, 11.4.2018 – KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND (I)

Mittwoch, 11. April 2018 (ab 21 Uhr):

Matteo (git/vocs) und Antonio (dr) kommen zurück in den Waggon! Mitreißender, düsterer Post-Punk aus Treviso, Italien!

„Kill Your Boyfriend is a two-piece band formed in 2011, Matteo Scarpa on guitar and vocals, and Antonio Angeli on drums. After having hot performed more than 80 gigs in top clubs and festivals, both in Italy and abroad, with The KVB, Zù, Zola Jesus, Civil Civic and others, the band published their last release „Ghosts“, the natural progression from their previous opus „The King Is Dead“. A new single „Ulrich“ was released the last December by Russian label „Other Voices Records.“

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