Donnerstag, 29.6.2017 – JOHNNIE SELFISH & THE WORRIED MEN (I)

Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017 (ab 21 Uhr):

Die Indie-Country/Folk/Cowpunk-Band aus Mailand hat ihre Musik in über 200 Konzerten von Japan über Australien bis nach Nordamerika bereits um die ganze Welt gebracht, heute erreicht sie eine weitere wichtige Etappe ihrer zehnjährigen Karriere: den Waggon zu Offenbach!

With more than 200 gigs on their back, you can positively say they have brought their music all around the world, from Italy to Australia, from Japan to England and North America.
In 2012 they travelled to Nashville – the country music Mecca – and recorded an album with international singer/producer John Wheeler from Hayseed Dixie.
After 3 years of silence they are back again with their fourth album, CALLE SALVAJE, recorded and mixed in Milano by Paolo Pischedda, mastered in Texas by Rick Castillo and produced by the Italy-based folk indie label Rivertale Productions.

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