Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016 (ab ca. 19 Uhr):
Xerox Exotique presents VACUUM (F) &
Autumn Appreciation Society (D) with
Image Accumulator (D)

Präsentiert von Xerox Exotique! Yann Gourdon (Drehleier) und Antez (Percussions) erschaffen als VACUUM hypnotische akutische Drone-Musik, die AUTUMN APPRECIATION SOCIETY produziert einen IDM-Fieldrecording-Noise-Hybrid, visuell unterstützt vom Live-Video-Projekt IMAGE ACCUMULATOR.

VACUUM are Yann Gourdon (hurdy gurdy) and Antez (percussions) from France. Two sound sculptors followers of the continuum, who work to vibrate area with acoustic and physical process. The common circularity of this duo creates a spiral of energy, an journey through Vacuum space.

Autumn Appreciation Society are Roland Etzin (Gruenrekorder) and Tobias Schmitt (Acrylnimbus, Suspicion Breeds Confidence). They produce an IDM-Fieldrecording-Noise-Hybrid. They are supported by Image Accumulator, a live video project featuring QTCT and LDX#40. Their main goal is to process the visually elaborate into the mundane.