Sonntag, 28.8.2011: Wahl & Samedi

Sonntag, 28.8.2011, ab 16:00 Uhr: Julia Wahl & Baron Samedi: „Haven‘t had a dream in a long time – lost forever in a happy crowd“


Die Wahl und der Baron: nach längerer Pause endlich mal wieder im Waggon! Sonntagsnachmittagchillen bei hoffentlich echtem Wetter!

Haven‘t had a dream in a long time / See, the life I‘ve had / Can make a good man bad / So for once in my life / Let me get what I want / Lord knows, it would be the first time / Trust in me through closing years / Perfect moments wait / If only we could stay / Please say the right words / Or cry like the stone white clown / And stand forever / Lost forever in a happy crowd.